Pandora Transparent Widget 4.1.2

I have received many emails wanting an update for the Pandora Transparent Widget that I made. So I thought I would try and make sometime for it and modify the newest version of Pandora.

Pandora Radio is the most popular music app for smartphones. Both Android users and iOS users enjoy the powerful algorithms of the Pandora Radio engine that works by you telling the app about what songs you like. And then the app will recognize the most notable features of that song. Like for example the current song it’s playing for me: Female vocals and European influences. It will then play other songs that have the same features of this one. More information can be found here on their website.

The new Pandora Transparent Widget is no different than the one I made before. To install it:

  1. Uninstall your current Pandora Radio app.
  2. Install the one you are about to download from the link below.
  3. Login and add the new widget to the launcher.
  4. That’s it.

Pandora Transparent Widget compared to Pandora Transparent Widget ... NOT!

Some people might face a problem with installing an apk that’s not from the market. This is totally normal and you still don’t need to root or unlock your phone. It is a security feature that all Android phones have. To fix that you can follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to your phone’s settings.
  2. Scroll down to “security” and click
  3. Then tick on the “Unknown sources” option.

You can download the Pandora Transparent Widget 4.1 from here. (outdated! look below)


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Update (31/1/2013):

Updated the apk to Pandora Transparent Widget 4.1.1.

Download Pandora here


Update (Feb 5th 2013):

Updated to Pandora Transparent Widget 4.1.2:

Download Pandora here


Update (Apr 3rd 2013):

Updated to Pandora Transparent Widget 4.2:

[sociallocker]Download here[/sociallocker]

Comments (6)

  1. Must you not have the regular Pandora app installed? I mean, this basically would replace it, but I can think of perhaps a situation where I’d want to use the official one.

    • In some cases they interfere with each other or would not install. So it’s best to uninstall the regular, then install this one.

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