Android wallpapers (for the Nexus 4, 7, Galaxy Nexus, and S3)

Don’t you just love Android wallpapers and how you can arrange your widgets in a very personalized way? Every now and then I spend some time to gather wallpapers for my Android and get the feeling of a new phone again. The last time was a batch of Samsung Galaxy S3 wallpapers and I was surprised that it got spread all around the web. It even crashed my server because of the downloads :). So I realized that everyone just loves to have the best Android wallpapers. And now I’m sharing my Nexus wallpapers with the community. (Here is the first batch if you missed it)

Android wallpapers

Random example 1

Android wallpapers are different than the normal concept of wallpapers due to the scrolling of screens. Many people get confused by this but after spending sometime reading and trying different dimensions, I came to understand that it’s as simple as multiplying the width by two. It becomes tricky sometimes with the on-screen buttons because in some cases you’d count that space and you won’t in other cases.

Nexus wallpapers

Random example 2

Whether you’re looking for Galaxy s3 wallpapers, Galaxy s2 wallpapers, Nexus 4 wallpapers, or even any Android wallpapers. The multiply by two rule always applies.


Correct Android wallpaper size

Correct and incorrect dimensions

You have the right to totally judge me on the theme of these Android wallpapers. Some of them are very simple, some of them are nature wallpapers, and some of them (well, at least I believe) are just beautiful wallpapers. And I’m sorry to disappoint you guys who are looking for some NSFW wallpapers. It’s just not my style.  But here are some screenshots of all the wallpapers so you can get an idea of what you’re about to download:



I tried my best to get the wallpapers exactly in the correct resolution. But since some ROMs make use of on-screen buttons bar, it was difficult to come with a one-solution-for-all. Most of you won’t have to crop the wallpapers though.


Android wallpapers downloads:

Nexus 4 wallpapers:

Download here.

Nexus 7 wallpapers:

Download here.

Samsung galaxy s3 wallpapers and Galaxy Nexus wallpapers:

Download here.


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  2. Sorry.. Me again.. So I found it in my downloads but when I click on it, it says can’t open file. I reeeeally want these wallpapers lol and you offering them up for free is awesome! I just wish I could use them :/

  3. my simple way to get these wallpapers is that i drop these pics/wallpapers in to dropbox from m pc then open them in my phone’s dropbox app and download then
    its so smple

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