137 Galaxy S3 wallpapers re-sized perfectly

I was in the mood to look for some Galaxy S3 wallpapers and I gathered about 137 images and re-sized them to fit perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy S3.

Android wallpapers can be a bit confusing sometimes. Unlike iOS with the static wallpaper similar to the ones in your PC. The Android wallpaper has a feature of scrolling to the left or to the right. And of course, the wallpaper will scroll with your movement which gives a big sense of smoothness. The trick here though, is when you decide to make your own wallpaper and go open Adobe Photoshop or any other image editing application, you’ll get confused about what resolution you have to use. I mean, the phone is (just as an example) about 800 by 400 pixels. But the screen scrolls to both directions. The solution especially for Android phones (because tablets is a whole different story) is to take the width of your screen and multiply it by two. Because if you look at exactly the middle of your current wallpaper while your have your launcher in the middle screen. And then scroll all the way to the left, you will notice that the exact middle point is now exactly at the edge of your screen. So the wallpaper has shifted exactly by 50% in the opposite direction. Of course, your Galaxy S3 wallpapers will shift also by 50% when you scroll to the right.

If you want to take the Galaxy S3 wallpapers exactly and figure out their dimensions, you can do it easily as mentioned earlier. The Galaxy S3 is 720×1280. Multiplying 720 by 2 gets you 1440, and boom here’s the resolution of the Galaxy S3 wallpapers.

Random Galaxy S3 wallpaper number one Random Galaxy S3 wallpaper number two


and much more:

S3 wallpapers

 Feel free to share them by the way, sharing is caring 😉

You can find the galaxy s3 wallpapers here

Or download the whole folder of the galaxy s3 wallpapers (zip file) from here

Enjoy 😉


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  2. i simply do not understand. horizontal jpgs. S3 displays vertically and will NOT rotate the screen/jpg. it insists that you crop the horizontal. so what’s the point??!!

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