Found the best Android lock screen widget

The best Android lock screen widget has been relieved to the Android community. We were pleasantly surprised with the best Android lock screen widget that we have always dreamed of. The lock screen widget is called DashClock.

I have to mention though that Android 4.2 is required to be able to run this widget.

As I have explained before, one of Android’s strongest features is its main screen’s interface and widgets. And since Android 4.2, it’s been possible to have widgets in the lock screen as well. Not all widgets though are allowed in the lock screen unless they were programmed to be so. Custom ROMs though allow having any widget but I believe that it causes bugs. Another method is using WidgetLocker app but I tried to like it and couldn’t. It just doesn’t feel smooth.

DashClock on the other hand feels extremely smooth and it is by far the best Android lock screen widget I have seen. As any lock screen widget, it comes minimized by default and can be maximized too. Here are some screen shots to show the two mode and how they look:

DashClock Maximized mode  DashClock Minimized mode

This lock screen widget gives you exactly the simplest most important information you need to see the moment you take your Android phone out of your pocket.

However, the only thing that I thought was missing from this widget was displaying the battery level. But the widget has the ability to add extensions! This means any developer can make an app that throws some information in there. And there is already an extension to show the battery level. This is the one I tried, and here is another one too. And of course there are so many other extensions already.

This is the extensions screen:

DashClock extensions

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