A site I created to Arabize/create RTL CSS files

When websites and blog owners search for a theme for their RTL WordPress blog or any open source system, they always face a problem which is that not all themes and all systems support right-to-left interface and include an RTL css file. I know that because I’ve been there myself when I wanted to start the Arabic interface of my blog :).
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How to fix and store Unicode in MySQL using PHP

One obstacle about programming is learning how to code, and then a whole new level for people dealing with bi-lingual and non-Latin applications is the Unicode issue. I sometimes spend more time trying to figure out how to solve something so silly like how to store unicode in mysql using php more than coding the whole thing! That’s why I thought I’d make this quick article about how to fix unicode in a mysql database.
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Ultimate guide on Android Battery Saving Methods

I’m sure everyone is looking for the best and ultimate Android battery saving methods. Many people may disagree on the importance of many smartphone features. But everybody agrees that battery life on smartphones is something that must be improved.

Android has some advantages and disadvantages in this field. On one hand, Android has full freedom of complete multitasking. You can have so many things running in the background checking for mails, services, new posts on different websites, or even Air pressure reporting services. On the other hand, this luxury doesn’t come for free. This makes every background service consume some CPU, memory, and therefore battery. That’s the reason that made me look into the best Android battery saving methods. And I can say I found out great results about the best battery saver app for android!
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How to get Whatsapp on an Android tablet (Guide & Video)

In this guide I’m going to go through how to get Whatsapp on an Android tablet. Many friends have asked me about this and now with the Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and more Android tablets getting popular, I thought I should write down a quick guide for getting Whatsapp on an Android tablet.


If you’re like me, you like your phone for minimum tasks. And your tablet for the rest of the apps, then you’d really want to get Whatsapp on your Android tablet. It saves your phone’s battery, space, and just gives you a chance to focus on your daily life instead of having many people sending you stuff that most likely can wait until you get home.
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My guide to get the Int. Galaxy S3 Google Wallet to work in the US.

I wanted to use the Galaxy S3 Google Wallet so I made this guide for people like me, living in the US, and using an International I93000 Galaxy SIII smartphone. The galaxy s3 google wallet guide video will show you all the steps needed to get the app to work. But you can also follow these steps:

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