Switched from AT&T to Straight Talk… Finally!

After almost 2 years of AT&T sucking off my bank account for an ok service… I finally made the great investment of switching from AT&T to Straight Talk.

There was a termination fee of course from AT&T, about $100 in my case. But since I pay alsmot $110 every month and will be paying only $45 for StraighTalk for unlimited EVERYTHING, I’ll make up that amount of money in two months! And won’t have the limit of 450 minutes and 2GB again. That 450 min limit was a disaster when I once passed it and they started charging me per minute… I paid them a fortune in one month for some randomness that I’ve been saying and hearing on my phone =_=


The coverage is really good in my area, and I didn’t have to worry about StraighTalk’s coverage since I ordered the AT&T network sim… So I basically get the same coverage as before.




After having using Straight Talk for a while now, I totally recommend the switch from AT&T to Straight Talk. You’ll save a ton of money and headache pills 🙂


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