Harlem shake your website

I stumbled  upon a way to Harlem shake your website today. Even though the Harlem shake thing got too over hyped and I want it to be something from the past ASAP. But this was actually interesting. Or maybe it’s just that the geek in me really loved it.


How to Harlem shake your website:

You can easily Harlem shake your website by simply going here and inputting your website address.

Harlem shake your website

Harlem shake soon…

YouTube also did a Harlem shake thing today. You can see it by searching for “Do the Harlem shake”. Or just click here 🙂.


God, I can’t wait for people to get over this… I mean, com’on, we’re not 14. I already feel guilty for writing about how to Harlem shake your website. Judge me 🙂


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