Samsung Galaxy S4 wallpapers for the new owners.

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been released. It’s time for the new owners to look for some new Samsung Galaxy S4 wallpapers. Because the original Galaxy S4 wallpapers are kinda boring. Not that I really know about the new wallpapers. But based on my experience with the Galaxy S3 wallpapers and Galaxy S2 wallpapers I’m sure everyone will be looking for some other beautiful Android wallpapers.

With the new 1080p screen resolution, I had to get back to my library of the Android wallpapers that I made. And resize all of them. Of course the way the Android wallpapers work is still the same. I have discussed before that to get the fully optimized and perfect Android wallpapers. You will have to get the screen resolution, and then multiply the width by two. Sometimes though it gets tricky to determine the exact wallpaper size because of the on-screen buttons. Sometimes the bar is just black, but some ROMs make it transparent and then it’s possible to use that space for the wallpaper too.

For the case of the Galaxy s4 wallpapers, the height is 1920 pixels, and the width is 1080. So by multiplying the width you will get with the wallpaper resolution size of the Galaxy s4. That is: 2160 x 1920.

This is such a huge number of pixels for a relatively small screen size. But the 5.0 inch display of the Galaxy s4 packs a sweet number of ppi. 441 ppi to be exact. This makes the Samsung Galaxy s4 wallpaper super crisp and detailed.

Galaxy S4 wallpaper

Galaxy S4 wallpapers

The wallpapers that I choose and modify are usually very minimal. I try to leave space for the widgets of the Android launcher. With such simplicity, you will get very beautiful wallpapers for Android and very efficient interface. Of course, this is the main reason for the popularity that my wallpapers get.

Samsung Galaxy S4 wallpapers:

To use the Samsung Galaxy S4 wallpapers, you will need to download the zip file in your phone and unpack it using any file explorer like ES File Explorer.

Download here.


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  1. Thanks for these wallpapers Suleiman.

    For some reason, my home screen wallpaper doesn’t scroll as I move from one screen to the next. Does your?

  2. You say the wallpaper resolution is 1080×1920 yet you push us with 2160×1920 and call them galaxy s4 wallpapers? Are you stupid?

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