My experience with Google Play support after my devices got stolen.

After the whole awful experience to get the Nexus 4 from Google Play… They were stolen!

I was out of home at the time of the arrival, which was 4pm. But since we live in a super safe neighborhood, I though it won’t be a big deal to be back in one hour. I was wrong :(… I looked everywhere in the house thinking that my roommate got them in, but nope, they were definitely stolen! Reading about all the stories of UPS guys stealing stuff didn’t make it any better.

So I call UPS, they say it’s Google’s responsibility. Google Play didn’t offer any options for shipping and didn’t require a signature on delivery… So I called them and they were super helpful to be honest! The procedure was simple to get a refund:


  1. Notify Google Play about the stolen devices that were bought using your Google account.
  2. Google Play sends you a request to consent from using all Google services on the stolen devices (to make sure I didn’t just hide them and claimed that they were stolen!).
  3. You sign the consent and send it using the same Google account that you bought the devices with.
  4. They refund you within a few business days (it was a couple of weeks for me).

And that’s it… I hope the guy that stole my devices burn in hell…

My friend bought two devices so I bought one of them.

Update: Actually I think the reason behind Google taking so much time to answer my request was due to the fact that I had two open cases at the same time. The other case was about my brother’s Nexus 7. The speakers broke suddenly and started to be very very low. So I requested a replacement since it was under the warranty. But every time I called Google, they either think the nexus 7 was stolen, or the nexus 4 was broken.



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