My guide to get the Int. Galaxy S3 Google Wallet to work in the US.

I wanted to use the Galaxy S3 Google Wallet so I made this guide for people like me, living in the US, and using an International I93000 Galaxy SIII smartphone. The galaxy s3 google wallet guide video will show you all the steps needed to get the app to work. But you can also follow these steps:

You must have:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S3 the International edition.
  2. You actually live in the US because this has been tested in the US and I don’t know if it is available else where.
  3. Rooted device.
  4. Recovery menu.
  5. Root explorer or something similar. Although I really recommend Root Explorer and you should have it if you are into messing with your system 🙂


  • First things first, you must be rooted to have your Galaxy S3 Google Wallet! There are already so many guides on how to root your phone, but be aware. There’s the international Galaxy S3 and then there are the American varieties. The guide I used personally is too old now, but here’s one that seems alright.
  • Download the zip file .
  • Open Root Explorer and enable writing permissions
  • Browse to “/system” then click and hold on “build.prop”, then select “Open in Text Editor”
  • Replace the values of “ro.product.model” and” and ro.product.device” and instead. Write “htc_jewel”.
  • Now click the menu button and select “Save and Exit”. This will create a backup file called “build.prop.bak” that we will need later on.
  • Now reboot to recovery.
  • flash the zip file that you downloaded. Usually it is found in “sdcard/Download/”
  • Reboot again to the system.
  • Wait for the system to reboot because this time it will take more than usual.
  • Open Google Wallet and select your Google account and enter your password.
  • After you activate it and setup a PIN, you should go back to Root Explorer.
  • Browse to “/system” then click and hold on “build.prop”, then delete it.
  • Rename “build.prop.bak” to “build.prop”.
  • And here you go! Galaxy S3 Google Wallet with no limits!

Galaxy S3 google wallet

Want more walk through steps so you can copy me step by step to get you Galaxy S3 Google Wallet? Here’s the video:



And this is the needed zip file

Enjoy 🙂

Update (20th of April, 2013)

I wrote a new post about how to get Google Wallet on Unsupported devices. That includes all unsupported phones.